Maintaining good habits

Success doesn’t come easy, but it is only for a selected few. Everyone has the potential to become successful in all aspect of life. By maintaining good habits and sticking to them it is possible to achieve success.

It is crucial that note that all successful people Lee Schneider have a certain trait.They tend to think, speak and act in a particular manner. There is an impressive consistency Loan Modification in these comparisons. If you want to be successful, there are certain attributes you need to apply to your life. What to do you want to accomplish in your life? You have to develop a clear vision of what you want to reach, keep this in your mind and never lose sight of it.


A Logical Guide to Seizing Opportunities

There was once saying that goes “it’s not what you know, but who you know” and this couldn’t be truer. For Lee Schneider, the rulebooks applies not the Lee was benefactor of a great inheritance nor had the proverbial “rich uncle.” Though, Lee did accomplish to find a pocket of good wealth.  Lee has a saying; luck is the fruit of determination. The motive force behind all good fortune is the diligence and being sternly watchful and imaginative.

Lee became the excellent performer for Integrated Healthand then he accepted a position for Greater New York Hospital Association in New York City. And upon leaving GNYHA, he decided to go in the real estate business full time and he quickly owned three rental properties while buying and flipping several others. He called his businessSame Day Bath, a one-day acrylic tub Liner Company.  Seizing opportunity, Lee quickly grew the business from start-up to 5 million dollar company employing up to 19 employees

Same Day Bath is a full service bathroom renovation and installation company. The company was founded and started by Lee Schneider in 2002.SDB perfected the craft by installing a custom made acrylic tub liner over the existing tub.  Much like an acrylic veneer goes over the original tooth without removing its core structure; they use the tubs structure and frame to put an exact replica acrylic shell over it.  This changing the aesthetics without changing the initial structure not only was this less invasive, causing less clutter and demolition, but at a significantly less cost to the homeowner it was easy to see how quickly Lee was able to grow his company to over 2 million dollar company in less than five years. Moreover, the tub liner make over SDB made available to the homeowner is a wainscot product that could also cover the tile that existed outside the wet area.

Homeowners now could get a complete turn-key answer to their renovation needs rather than having to hire two separate companies to complete the renovation effort if the budget and means allowed. They even coined a hybrid system, doing bath acrylic and traditional tile work combined. These inter disciplinary trades worked flawlessly well to help make the most of customer choice. Same Day Bath operated from October 2002 to April 2009 and during that time it successfully designed and completed well over 2000 bathrooms. It had some of the best installer implemented and some best management systems and logistics.